A family tradition over six generations


Ein Bild von früher

Image from previous times

On Kirchweihsonntag (the yearly festival for the anniversary of the church consecration), 15 Oct. 1871, Joseph Siebenrock opened an inn on the Bohl. The ‘Rosengarten’ catered to the needs of the local population, as well as workers on the neighbouring railway line. When Siebenrock died, his widow married Gerold Speh, who came from Walke. He took over the stately inn and the associated extensive farming activities. After the death of his wife, the co-founder, he married Luzia Spalt, originally from Heudorf. In 1916 Speh died and his widow married Adolf Schmid, also widowed, who was the ‘Rosenwirt’ until 1940.
After this Karl Speh, the son of Gerold and Luzia Speh, took over the estate. Together with his wife Wally, née Reiner, from Mengen, he ran the ‘Rosengarten’ for more than 30 years and they turned it into a guesthouse widely known for its good traditional food. Alongside this, ‘Pfeifen-Karle’ (‘Pipe-Karl’), as the affable innkeeper was locally
known, also ran his large farm. With his handsome team of horses, his pride and joy, he was a well-known local character.


The new hotel

In the fifth, uninterrupted family generation, the prestigious inn went to Rosemarie and Hubert Krugger in 1972. Following the relocation of the farm, they removed the agricultural buildings, built a large house and completely renovated the guest rooms. Their excellent food and hospitality helped the ‘Rosengarten’ to become a widely known guesthouse.


In 2006, Gerd Krugger and Marlies Zimmermann, two specialists who had trained in many renowned guesthouses, took over the parental property. With a larger conversion in 2006, they expanded the guest rooms and renovated the kitchen and adjoining rooms.

In 2008, they began breeding Galloway cattle on their own farmland to produce meat for their guests. Since then the old ‘Rosengarten’ has been known as Beim Rinderwirt.


In 2013/14, they created another cornerstone for their business with the construction of a hotel. The new hotel and the guesthouse meet the standards of modern gastronomy in every respect and are thus frequented by guests from all over Germany, as well as international visitors. With their three daughters Lena, Hannah and Romy, the next generation is already in the starting blocks. Thus can the family tradition can be carried on into the future.